Project Overview - Mourilyn Wharf Pile Remediation

NCS recently completed the works on the Ports North, Mourilyn Wharf, Queensland, where they were contracted to undertake the remediation of the 46 Wharf Piles. The NCS team were tasked with surveying and documenting the structure prior to Hydro Demolition. In order to restore the structural integrity of each pile, extensive repairs above 1.5 metres Chart Datum required full hydro demolition, followed by the reinstatement of reinforcement and fabrication of custom moulds prior to the application of up to 180litres of repair mortar per pile.

It was identified that further crack repair and remediation of each pile were to be undertaken to meet the requirements of the wet, dry and harsh environmental conditions of the Asset for long term sustainable benefits.

Throughout the works the NCS team overcame a number of challenges; to ensure safe and workable access to the piles, management of unpredictable environmental aspects including tides and ship movements at the wharf, as well as, further sealing of the formwork to prevent ingress of salt water during curing, to complete this project on time and within budget.

Well done to the NCS team!


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