Lake Manchester - Queensland

Lake Manchester is located west of Brisbane and was constructed in 1916, making it one of the region’s first dams. The lake was upgraded in 2008 to increase its storage capacity. The lake has a catchment area of 74km2 and holds 26,217 megalitres of water at full supply.

NCS started works in Late February, 2015, to rehabilitate the construction joints to the dam spillway. During initial consultation, it was identified that the Supercast waterstop that had been incorporated into the design when it was upgraded in 2008, had swollen and broken away the adjacent concrete. NCS designed a system, to remove all concrete to the joints (245 lineal metres) and install a unique solution considering all design elements. The design considered both environmental and mechanical properties, unique to the Asset, and ultimately providing a unique solution to increase the service life of the asset.


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