Jamie Fenton

Today we recognise Jamie Fenton’s 10 year anniversary with NCS.

Having over 33 years’ experience within the concrete industry, including construction and design of concrete structures, Jamie has worked in all facets of concrete remediation; including concrete repair, strengthening and durability. Over the last 10 years Jamie has worked with National Concrete Solutions to oversee the quality of application and training on a vast number of remedial products in accordance with Australian Standards.

Jamie has run extensive concrete remediation training courses for local government bodies, major international companies, and large concrete remedial companies, tier 1 construction companies throughout Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and the pacific island regions.    

Jamie’s passion is not only concrete, but innovation, which further enhances NCS’s ability to think outside the box on complex projects and supports the wider team in their knowledge of concrete technology and remediation. 

Well done, Jamie


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