Concrete Heavy Duty Performance Coatings

Protective coatings play a key role in the overall concrete repair process, and they are characterised by their ability to prevent the ingress into the concrete of such deleterious materials as chlorides, carbon dioxide and other aggressive liquids or vapours.

They are widely used to provide additional protection and enhance the aesthetic appearance not only of patch repairs but also the surrounding concrete, in order to prevent further deterioration of areas which are not yet in need of repair. In addition, they can provide extra protection and increase the durability of existing low quality Concrete Structures and New Structures which are not yet subject to deterioration, particularly structures exposed to severe and aggressive environments, this preparation proceeds as a part of a Preventative Maintenance Strategy.

After analysis of the area, NCS utilise appropriate methods including but not limited to; polymer modified cementitious material,  polyurethane resins, acrylic resins (i.e. decorative/anti-carbonation coatings), epoxy resins, bituminous material, chlorinated rubber, silane and silane/siloxanes.



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