Concrete Asset Inspections & Assessment Services
Concrete Asset Inspections & Assessment Services

Structural Inspections

  • Level 1 - Visual
  • Level 2 - Condition
  • Level 3 - Detailed Structural
  • Level 4 - Load-bearing capacity
  • Delivery of remedial methodologies that offer industry best practices​
Assured Services
Assured Services
  • Construction Project Management
    - Lean scheduling driven by projected milestones
    - Field access to electronic data capturing real time reporting
    - Benchmarking Tools that delivers real time data that enables immeditate Safety, Productivity and Quality Information
  • Expert Design, Construct and Engineering Team
  • Construct only
  • Early Contractor Involvement - JV’s, Subcontractors, Suppliers
  • Best Practice Certification Management System ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001
  • Best Practice Technologies
    - Risk and Value Management
Inspections through to Solutions (Assess, Define and Deliver)
Inspections through to Solutions (Assess, Define and Deliver)
  • Enhancing durability through remediation of structural defects
  • Service delivery in the preservation, rehabilitation & strengthening of concrete structures in alignment with industry:
    • Water and Waste Water
    • Transport - Road, Rail
    • Mining
    • Commercial & Industrial
  • Providing solutions that deliver optimal outcomes through industry-leading technologies
  • Innovation in the application, reducing the cost of rehabilitation
  • Constant commitment to industry standards, knowledge and technologies
  • Continual investment in our people

National Concrete Solutions (NCS)

National Concrete Solutions is a concrete remediation specialist, holding over 29 years of experience in their field of expertise. Our passion is concrete. We like to know how it works, how it behaves, how it reacts and deteriorates. Our solid experience in concrete technology has enabled NCS to provide remedial methodologies that protect, fix and strengthen concrete assets. Our vision is to continually focus on the delivery of Assured Services and Best Practices and Technologies that extend and maintain the structural integrity and sustainability of concrete infrastructure.

Through our integrated approach with “Our People”, we work together in delivering Service Excellence and Ecological Resilience through customer collaboration that supports the vision of a long term sustainable future that addresses Social and Environmental considerations and needs.

NCS have situated their office locations demographically throughout Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Albury NSW. Having our business units and skilled resources across a large demographic spread enables NCS to provide their Assured Service and Best Practices, to not only the CBD radius of the Capital States, NCS are well situated to service many remote locations. NCS pride themselves, in their continual drive to improve all aspects of their business operations and operational excellence, of which is demonstrated through the implementation of a dynamic and robust Best Practice Certification Quality, Environmental and OH&S Management System, further supporting Ecological Resilience.

National Concrete Solutions NCS
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