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How it works, how it behaves, how it reacts, how it deteriorates
and how to protect it, fix it and ​strengthen it.

Asset 12

Concrete Asset Inspections & Assessment Services

Asset 11

Inspections through to Solutions (Assess, Define and Deliver)

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Stuctural Inspections

  • Level 1 - Visual
  • Level 2 - Condition
  • Level 3 - Detailed Structural
  • Level 4 - Load-bearing capacity
  • Delivery of remedial methodologies that offer industry best practices​
  • Enhancing Durability through Remediation of Structural Defects
  • Service delivery in the preservation, rehabiliation and strengthening of concrete stuctures in alignment with industry:
    • Water and Waste Water
    • Transport - Road, Rail
    • Mining
    • Commercial & Industrial
  • Providing solutions that deliver optimal outcomes through industry leading technologies.
  • Innovation in application, reducing cost of rehabilitaion
  • Constant commitment to industry standards, knowledge and technologies
  • Continual investment in our people
  • Triple Certified Integrated Management System for
    • Safety
    • Environment
    • Quality
  • Remedial Contracting, Project Management and Service Delivery
  • Maintenance Planning for effective Return to Service and reducing Whole of Life Costs
  • Plan and Deliver assured services in environmentally sensitive projects
  • Technical expertise and knowledge to a Scientific Level

Sustainable Returns to Service Life through Rehabilitation of Concrete Infrastructure

National Concrete Solutions (NCS) is a specialist, contracting organisation that has been incorporated since 1991, NCS pride themselves on their wealth of experience and knowledge in concrete solutions for the Commercial, Industrial and Civil sectors.  Through continued investment, we build brand loyalty and address environmental, social and economic factors, showing Corporate Social Responsibility, to assist in lessening the effects on the community.  This investment not only addresses global factors, it further provides technical education and development of our people.

Our experienced team of applicators provide quality solutions for Concrete Repair (Structural and Non Structural), Durability Solutions, Crack Injection, Water Ingress Prevention, Surface Coatings, through to Return to Service Planning that promotes long term sustainable benefits.

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